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Building on Garden Plots

Published: 24th November 2017

In a recent project, we were contracted to construct a piled reinforced concrete slab for a new build two bedroom property which was being built on the site of an old garage at the rear of a property.

Many people find sourcing…

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Piled foundations for 4 new extensions on The Magdalen Road, Alms Houses in Exeter

Published: 2nd November 2017

In our most recent project, Belowground ltd were contracted to construct 4 piled foundations for four new extensions on houses on The Magdalen Road, Almshouses in the heart of Exeter. These properties were…

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2 New Build Properties East Knoyle, Wiltshire

Published: 2nd November 2017

Belowground Ltd are specialist piling and underpinning contractors. We carry out work across London, Exeter and Bristol as well as operating throughout the whole of England and Wales providing work of the highest standards.

In our most recent work, we…

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Can you use piling foundations in water?Below Ground Blog Image Water Piling Foundations 1

Published: 31st January 2017

As you are probably aware, piling entails the driving of piles into the earth below ground level, pile foundations are then used to strengthen the soil which will support the weight load of the building erected on top of…

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Steel Bearing vs Timber Piles

Published: 30th December 2016

Timber piles have been around for a lot longer than their steel counterparts; in fact, they have been used for thousands of years and in parts of the world where cheap timber is in plentiful supply, they are still often the preferred…

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How Piling Works

Published: 30th November 2016

The simplest way to explain what piling is, to somebody with no prior knowledge of construction industry techniques, is to describe it as a type of deep foundation: a foundation that larger buildings usually need, to ensure they have adequate support. This is of course,…

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Do I Need Foundation Piling for My Extension? 

If you’re planning to add an extension to your current home, you’ll have to ascertain what type of foundation will be needed to accommodate your project. But how do you determine whether you require a traditional or deep…

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What Is Screw Piling?

Screw piles are often used on sites where there is a need to install deep foundations with a minimum of noise or vibration. This could be because of the proximity of a site to a residential neighbourhood, where the contractor wishes to…

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How to Choose the Best Piling Contractor

When building a large structure, you need to have an incredibly solid foundation. That’s what pilings are for. By setting up deep foundations with columned support, piling contractorsmake it possible to build everything from supermarkets and apartment complexes to storied…

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Why is Piling Needed?

Used mainly in the construction of commercial and industrial buildings, piling helps to provide support to new structures when the soil near the surface is simply too weak to support the load in question or when the structures are so massive that extra…

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