Costs involved in a house extension project

Extensions are a great way to add value to your property, create additional living space and transform your home to be more suitable to you.

How much do extensions cost and how can you plan for spending?

Single storey extensions vary depending on the size of the build and result you are after. Like anything, if you’re seeking high quality be prepared to pay sufficiently more to get the job done to a high standard.

According to Real Homes, basic quality extensions can cost between £1,500 to £1,900, mid-good quality can cost from £1,900 to £2,200 and for excellent quality you can expect to pay £2,200 to £2,400.

Factors that can contribute to costs:

  • Postcode – material costs and delivery for longer distances, labour rates will vary depending on where you live
  • Build quality – external roof and wall cladding, windows, floors, fixtures and fittings can all contribute to the cost of the build.
  • Size & number of storeys – the more storeys, the better value because of lower average costs per square metre.
  • Contractors- Whether you choose to DIY, subcontract or have a main contractor, the amount of involvement from others can increase/reduce costs.
  • Plan, shape and layout – the more complex the design the pricier it will be. Square plans are the most simple, cost effective and efficient.
  • Converting parts of the property- converting a garage or loft is usually more cost effective, assuming they are suitable for conversions.
  • Sloping ground and nearby surroundings will affect the cost of the build.

Top Tips:

Roughly 50% of your budget should be budgeted for the build, the other 50% for interior.

Approach a number of builders for various quotes before choosing one. Different circumstances will change the costs for each quote including labour cost and materials.

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