At Belowground Ltd, we offer a comprehensive range of reinforced ground beams, slabs and pile caps. With over 25 years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of the latest construction practices, we are capable of tackling projects of all sizes, in all areas of the United Kingdom.

After the completion of piling, we can carry out the excavation and installation of pile caps and primary ground beams, along with secondary, tertiary, tie and edge beams if necessary, to ensure the even distribution of weight across the piles. Ground bearing concrete slabs are another option that may be considered if appropriate and we have completed many such installations over the years. In the event that shuttering or formwork may be required, Belowground Ltd can take care of this too. If void formers are specified, these can also be supplied and installed by us, either beneath or on the same level as the beams.

A Highly Flexible Approach

Whether ground beams on piles or a concrete slab is specified, we can supply all the materials and complete all the necessary work on your behalf. We undertake foundation work for single and multiple plot residential developments, as well as extensions of all shapes and sizes. Although ground beams are normally rectangular, we can cast notches, half end plates and sloped faces to order if they are required. In short, whatever your requirements, Belowground Ltd can meet them.

Fabrication of Beams

The beams can be installed in one of two ways:

  • Cast in-situ, in excavated trenches
  • Shuttered and cast at a reduced level

For smaller construction projects, casting the beams in situ is often the preferred method because it can reduce the lead time and cost. However, for larger projects where lead time is not a concern, precast beams may work out to be the faster option of the two.

Full Service

We provide a complete foundation design and construction service for piling and ground beams, including piling, excavation and the construction of the ground beams. In cases where it is not discovered that piling is needed until after the trenches have already been excavated, we can often help. Our standard services include:

  • The construction of ground beams on piles, following architects drawings and material specifications.
  • Obtaining approval from the local authority or NHBC where appropriate. This often time consuming task is something that we are used to dealing with and we are happy to take care of all the details for you.
  • Carrying out all the excavation and shuttering / formwork. Although we offer a simple fabrication and installation service for primary ground beams and ground bearing concrete slabs, we can also take care of all the excavation work and shuttering if desired.