Here at Belowground Ltd, we have over 25 years’ experience working in the domestic and commercial building foundation industry, regularly providing homeowners and business clients with our wide range of expert foundation and underpinning services. From concrete foundation repair to sheet piling installation, we have expertise in a number of piling techniques.

From our head office in Exeter, and our branches in London and Bristol, our specialist piling contractors use a variety of modern piling rigs that are suitable for use in nearly all ground conditions to meet our clients’ specific construction needs.

A type of ground treatment that forms the basis of construction, piling entails the driving of piles into the earth below ground level, with pile foundations used to strengthen the soil which will then support the weight load of the building to be erected on top of it. The bigger the building, the deeper the foundations required.

A variety of piles can be used to transfer the building load to the ground. With the exception of sheet piling, which is typically used to support the lateral load of the building and to also act as a supporting wall, the pile varieties used in construction include auger bored piles, steel cased driven piles, and screw piles.

Our expert steel and concrete foundation experts will arrive at your building site to asses it and then advise you on the best course of action for your project. With their skills and knowledge, they’ll be able to ascertain whether to use concrete foundations or utilise a different piling material or technique. From there, you’ll receive a free estimate quote on the work that is required for the project. Working for so long and with such a diverse group of commercial and private clients means that we have a range of options available and that the materials and service we can provide you will be high quality without breaking the bank.

After we have completed the piling process, we are able to provide you with further services, including the installation of reinforced ground beams

Auger Bored Piling

We offer a range from 200mm through to 600mm, and up to 25m deep auger bored piles, using a range of rigs that are suitable for the smallest most restricted sites, up to large open industrial sites.

Steel Cased Driven Piles

Driven piles are often used on sites where ground conditions may be soft, granular or wet.

Driven piles are formed from thin walled cylindrical steel pile tube. These are driven into the ground using a drop hammer piling rig. Individual pile tube lengths vary from 1 to 3 meters, and are fully welded together during the pile driving process. The piles are driven to a predetermined set, calculated by our structural engineer in advance. The piles are then filled with reinforcement and concrete.

Belowground Ltd are able to install bottom driven piles with diameters ranging from 100mm up to 273mm.