Screw Piling from Belowground

Belowground Ltd offer a range of piling techniques for foundation and underpinning solutions, with a range of modern rigs that are suitable in nearly all ground conditions.

Screw piles are one of the foundation options available, and they are often selected for their ability to perform in all soil types. They are effectively screwed into the ground—much in the same way that a screw is wound into wood. This is a highly efficient, clean and quick means of installation that can be accomplished with minimal vibration and noise. Once the screw pile has been deployed, its helix shape serves to disperse the load.

How Does a Screw Pile Work?

The piling used in screw pile foundations is made from galvanised hollow steel sections. Each section has at least one helix attached (if not more). The recommended type of helix varies depending on the soil conditions, but this is a consideration that Belowground can deal with on your behalf. When the piles are deployed, these helices serve to hold them at a constant pitch. 

Installing screw piling requires the use of powerful hydraulic motors. These exert an enormous amount of torque while the pile is screwed into the ground. Belowground will bring this equipment to the construction site and secure against heavy-duty handling machinery, such as excavators or mast-mounted crane rigs.

One of the most critical considerations has to do with the interface between the helical screw piles and the structure that is being built over the foundation. Our technicians are highly qualified and have experience installing foundations across all of southern England. Contact us today to request a free quote or to find out how we can help you with piling and underpinning of your new home, extension or commercial build.