Extensions VS buying a new house

If you’ve been craving some additional space; whether your family has grown, your home business is taking over the living room or your kitchen is too small for your once small pet, it’s time to think about the next step for you.

Should you move house or extend your current property?


Having settled in, moving house could seem like an unattractive prospect. Looking back on the reasons why you moved to your current house, you can probably still list the benefits of living there – whether it’s location, school catchment areas, neighbours, distance to family or simply the layout, emotional attachment and character of your house.

Moving house is not only a big sacrifice of these benefits, but also comes with substantial financial and time implications.

Of course, an extension doesn’t come without a price-tag. The overall cost of an extension project depends on your location, size of the build and whether unavoidable matters occur during the process.

Getting knowledgeable tradespeople on the job can make a huge difference in providing you with a good quality extension, and one that will add value to your property in the long run.

You can expect to pay a considerable amount for architects and builders, along with possible planning permission fees and costs of new materials and fittings.

Moving Home

Although extending your property may seem like the most cost effective option, the benefits of moving house can outweigh those of building an extension. Finding a new house that presents exactly what you’re looking for in terms of space, location, character and layout is an exciting prospect.

There are many costs involved in moving house. Finding the best property for you can be a lengthy and often expensive process.

Comparing the costs against extending your current house, it’s best to get estimates on building work and to think about how it could add value to your property in the long term, in case you decide to sell up in the future.

The value will depend on buyers in your area, so it’s best to get expert advice from local estate agents.

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