Foundations for Garage Conversions

A garage can be a really useful space, particularly if you’ve got a number of hobbies and need somewhere to store heavy equipment, or have a large garden and need somewhere to store outdoor furniture or garden tools.

If you’re someone that doesn’t take advantage of your garage space in this way or has a shed where you can store such items, you might consider converting your garage to maximise your home space and transform it into an additional bedroom, a large kitchen or a relaxing lounge room.

There are so many benefits to using your garage as one of these; one of them being the value it adds to your home.

Read on to find out some important details about planning your garage conversion.

Planning Permission

In most cases, your garage conversion won’t require additional planning permission. This is because it falls under ‘permitted development‘ – that is, what you are permitted to do with your home when you purchase it. Garage conversions usually don’t require you to alter the structure of the building, although it is worth checking that there are no planning permission conditions before starting your conversion.


If you’re converting your garage into a kitchen, for example, you will probably want to replace the original garage door with a wall. In this case, and in the instance where you are adding new windows and doors or building up from the garage, you will need your foundations assessed by a professional.

If the foundations are inadequate, it is likely that you will need new foundations to support the infill wall. The depth of such foundations will depend on the soil conditions beneath your property and where you plan on putting your new doors and windows.

Need help with the foundations of your garage conversion?

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