How to choose the best piling contractor for your project

Taking on a new construction project, particularly if it is on your own property, can seem daunting. One of the most important factors when taking on a project of any sort is to ensure that the work is done to a high standard. Everyone wants their new build to stand for many years and in order for this to happen and for a project to run smoothly, you will need to invest in the right people for the job.

Finding a professional isn’t always easy, often you can be put off by high-cost quotes, negative reviews or delayed projected timescales.

When it comes to piling and foundations, we know a lot about the industry. Read on to find out how we recommend choosing a piling contractor.

  1. Listen to recommendations – Just as you might go about choosing a hairdresser, car mechanic or restaurant, the recommendations matter. When it comes to choosing a piling contractor, reviews and recommendations from trusted people can help you to make an informed decision.
    You might know someone who has recently undertaken a project, or who has worked with contractors in the industry. If you’re not aware of people who might have used a piling contractor, search for online reviews. Sites such as are great places to start in finding trusted, quality and local tradespeople and can give you reliable feedback from real-life customers.
  2. Check with associations – Trusted contractors are often members of trade associations which set standards for aspects such as health and safety and quality of workmanship. Look out for associations such as British Drilling Association and NHBC Standards Association on their website, or alternatively, search for them using these websites.
  3. Quotations – Like any important work, you will want to gather quotes from a few different companies to compare against each other. Do bear in mind that the cheapest won’t always be the best. Speak to potential contractors to discuss your requirements and see what they can offer before making a decision.

Are you on the search for a reliable piling contractor in the South of England or Wales? No matter the size of your project, Belowground Ltd can provide piling, foundation and underpinning work to the highest of standards.

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