Making the most of your plot of land

Choosing and securing a plot on which to build is one of the most crucial stages in a project. Every plot differs depending on a number of factors and it’s important to identify the benefits and drawbacks from an early stage in order to make the most of your plot.

Here’s a few things to consider prior to building, according to Self Build:

1) Sloping Sites

Steep leveled plots can be disadvantageous for building. It is rare for there to be a completely flat plot, but it’s worth thinking about how surrounding buildings will be affected if levels of plots are changed.

2) Sunlight

Designing a build that takes advantage of natural sunlight is an important factor in making the most of your plot. You’ll want to identify the best layout in which to let in the most natural light to benefit your design. Whichever direction the sunlight falls can help you to plan the layout and positioning of rooms.

3) Surroundings

Are there surroundings that could produce excessive sound that could be intrusive in the future?

Bedrooms, for example, are rooms that you might like to keep furthest away from sound.

Other surroundings to take into consideration include aesthetics of nearby buildings. Your design and its ability to fit in with the current surroundings are key factors in a local planning authority’s decision to accept planning permission.

4) Privacy

Will your new build look directly upon a neighbouring property?

Complete privacy is often difficult to achieve. Plan the layout of rooms where you can benefit from the most privacy prior to confirming a design.

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