Piled foundations for fabulous kitchen extensions

Published: 17th January 2018

The new year is a very popular time for people to begin thinking about housing renovation projects. As well as the appeal of the new year’s blank canvas ready for people to fill with their grand plans, there is also the promise of spring. With spring comes warmer weather and conditions making domestic renovations more convenient.

One very popular, and not overly-invasive 2018 renovation will be fabulous domestic kitchen extensions. Depending on the condition of the ground upon which your extension is being built, you may find that piled foundations are critical for your project.

Piles are concrete columns drilled deep into hard bedrock to securely anchor a building. This method, which utilises frictional resistance from the surrounding ground, has become much more common in domestic projects since the advent of cheaper short-bored systems installed using hired mini-piling rigs. It’s now the most widely used foundation type after  conventional trenches.

With this type of piling job people are often surprised by how quickly 10 or more driven piles can be completed. For example, Belowground Ltd recently completed work on a domestic property in Exeter, Devon with High Spec Building LTD. This project involved our team designing and constructing a piled foundation slab, we used 300mm diameter auger bored piles and a 250mm thick reinforced concrete slab. The job took just one week to complete.

One of the first stages of a kitchen extension project will be to plan, strategize and budget for your build. When it comes to the cost of piled foundations, this will depend largely on the condition of your build site, size of the project and ground beams.

At Belowground Ltd we are experienced in piling, mini piling and underpinning and are able to provide a wide range of specialist foundation services. Belowground ltd work with small, medium and large contractors and developers on projects from domestic extensions and new builds to commercial developments. Our services and materials are cost effective. We are able to provide our customers with a free estimate on costs after visiting your site to assess it.

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