Plots of land for building

Self-build projects are not losing their cool anytime soon, with around 13,000 people completing a self-build project every year according to Self Build.

Choosing a plot of land on which to build is not an easy process. In some cases it can take years to find the right size in the location suitable to an individual. Flexibility and hard work are key in securing land and will give you the best chances of building your dream property.

So where do you start in finding the right plot?


The key in searching for land begins as you would research anything else you’re looking to buy.

Reaching out on the internet, going to auctions and approaching estate and land agents are the building bricks in the start of your plot search. If you’re interested in a particular area, speak to the locals and let them know what you’re interested in finding. Word of mouth is just as powerful as every other resource.


Be prepared to pay a substantial amount for a plot of land. It will more than likely be the most costly aspect of your project so it’s important to get it right. Roughly 50% of the total value of the house will be accounted for by land cost.

Look for the potential in land and don’t let first appearances put you off.


Restrictions are in place for developments around existing settlements due to protection of areas. Sites that are most readily available tend to be on brownfield land. These are sites that have previously been developed on.

Design restrictions and change of use applications may cause further hold ups however brownfield sites are most favourably looked on by local councils as services (such as electricity, water and drainage) are likely to already be in place.

Planning permission

There are two types of planning permission for buying land.

1) Outline planning permission – An application for finding out whether a plot of land is likely to be approved by an authority.

2) Detailed planning permission – Consent for the development to go ahead.

You can submit new applications for designs if the DPP is already in place when you find a plot of land. So don’t worry if the said land doesn’t match your plans.

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