Reasons to install a conservatory for summer

Conservatories are great additions to any home and are a great way to add light, space and value to a property.

Here, we give you some reasons why installing a conservatory is a good idea this summer.


If your property looks onto the garden from the back of your house, it might mean that you’re not able to take full advantage of the light.

Conservatories roofs are made with glass, so let the light in from all angles. This means that you can enjoy the hot summer evenings for longer, host summer events and relax and enjoy the space.


If you’re limited on space in your property but have a garden that you can take advantage of, a conservatory is a great option. Not everyone has the funds to support the build of an extension, and a conservatory is a cheaper and more practical and often quicker alternative.

Perhaps your family is growing or you would like a room in which to relax, study or entertain? Conservatories can be made into whatever you need them to be.


It is thought that conservatories can add significant value to a home. A conservatory could add around five per cent return on the sale of a house if done properly. Of course, if you are compromising the garden space, it might deter future buyers, so make sure you plan carefully if you are thinking about adding a conservatory to your property in the hope of generating more money from the sale of your house.

Garden Views

Whether it is winter or summer, a conservatory gives you the opportunity to enjoy your garden whatever the weather. Many people don’t use their garden to its full potential and a conservatory gives you the opportunity to appreciate the outdoors.

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