Self build house kits

If you’re dreaming of a new house but are skeptical of the potential stress and costs- self-build house kits might be the solution.

Self build house kits are prefabricated homes with bespoke designs. With clear pricing, environmental benefits and efficient and timely building, house kits provide an opportunity for you to get a unique home for a fixed cost.

If you’re expecting these prefab homes to be pre-designed, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that many manufacturers adapt the existing specifications to suit your preferences and styles – to make your new home truly your own.

There are solutions available for you – offering as much or as little involvement as you want. Parts of the building process can also be conducted off-site before being erected on your plot of land in a matter of days.

With self-build house kits, it’s worth choosing a company who understand what you want to achieve by looking at their past builds. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more specific design, you can enlist the help of an architect to draw up your ideas before approaching a manufacturer.

If you’re experienced in self-build projects you’ll understand the unplanned time constraints that often happen along the way.

With self build kits, most components are controlled by factory settings, therefore the likelihood of time delays greatly decreases. Having a set delivery date and price are factors which mean you can more accurately predict how much the overall project will cost.

A self-build house kit is undoubtedly cheaper than your average self-build. On average, the minimum cost is around £1,200 per sqm, depending on the company you choose and the level of involvement of which they have in the project.

Any knitty gritty details such as plug sockets and light fittings are pre selected prior to ordering.

Once the groundworks of your build are completed, these builds can take as little as two to three days!

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