Top Tips for Making Your Self-Build Feel Like a Home

Commissioning a self-build property can be extremely exciting. This is your opportunity to build the home of your dreams instead of waiting for the perfect one to be listed for sale, however, it’s only the beginning of the process. After all, you’re only building the skeleton of the house; it’ll take work before it’s ready for living in!

Here, we’ve listed our top tips for making your self-build feel like a home.

Add a splash of colour

Typically, when you move into a property, there are already some decorative features to work with, included painted walls. However, with a self-build, painting the walls will be your responsibility! Adding a splash of colour can instantly inject more personality into your house, even if your chosen shades are quite understated.

Layer textiles

This is a simple yet effective way to turn an empty building into a warm and comfortable home. Select different fabrics for a contemporary look, and layer up where possible. For instance, choose patterned throws for your sofas, thick curtains for your windows and fluffy rugs for your floorboards.

Introduce familiar scents

As your home is completely new, it may still smell of concrete and drying paint. Fix this quickly by introducing familiar, homely scents to make your house feel lived in. Doing so could be as simple as lighting a couple of scented candles or putting oil diffusers in every room.

Swap standard features

Many new-build homes are constructed with standard, cookie-cutter features to save time and installation costs. These are perfect for the first couple of months while you’re settling in, but your house will look more like a home if you choose features which suit your preferred tastes better. Start with door and window frames to instantly boost your kerb appeal.

Landscape your green spaces

If your new build has a garden, landscaping this with features that suit your tastes and lifestyle is a great way to personalise it. There are many great ways to switch up your outdoor spaces, including installing water features, creating a wildlife garden, painting your fences and paving pathways.

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