What can BelowGround do for my commercial project?

Since our establishment, Below Ground has provided 420 commercial contractors with a range of high-quality piling and underpinning services across the whole of southern England and Wales.

Our specialist piling contractors use a variety of modern heavy rigs to meet our clients’ specific construction needs. Whether you’re an architect, building company, building surveyor, structural engineer or local builder – we have the expertise to help with your next big project.

So what can we do for your commercial project?

Design and Calculations

Calculations are integral to a successful building project. We have our own structural engineers who can design piling structures for your project.

Piling and underpinning

Piling is the process of driving piles into the ground to strengthen the soil and support load-bearing weights. If you’re planning a large commercial build, the foundations will be driven deeper to support heavy weights.

Our pile driving experts will visit your site to assess how best to carry out the job. They can then advise you on the best piling materials and techniques to use- whilst putting together a free estimate for the whole job.

Screw Piling

Screw piles are often chosen for their ability to perform well on all soil types. Screw piling, to put it simply, is screwing steel into the ground to disperse the load-bearing weight of a building. The installation of screw piles is quick and efficient and there is little noise and vibrations made during installation – great for inner city or residential projects.

Reinforced Ground Beams

Once the piling process is complete, we excavate and install pile caps, primary and if necessary, secondary ground beams to ensure that the weight is distributed evenly.

Pile Testing

It’s important to have piles assessed to test the condition of a structure, whether it can hold large load-bearing weights and withstand tension and compression.

Looking for a reliable piling company to get started on your commercial project? Our customers’ needs are paramount so we always ensure that the job is done to the best standard possible.

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