Why Use Screw Pile Foundations For Your Home Building Project?

What Is A Screw Pile?

Also called Screw Foundations or Helical Piles, Screw Pile Foundations are a type of giant screw which wind deep into the ground to provide the stable foundations for a construction project.

Since their invention at the end of the 19th century, screw piles have come a long way. With today’s modern machines and improved techniques making installation much easier, traditionally they had to be installed by hand, even in open sea!

Modern Screw Piles used for smaller projects are still effectively installed by hand, using a special tool or with a portable hand drill. A gigantic crane may be used for larger-scale commercial and industrial projects which allow for much more torque and pressure.

Ease Of Installation

Unless the ground is solid rock, Screw Piles can be installed on uneven ground, and they do not require large amounts of digging to remove soil. This is especially good for soft or collapsing ground, which may be inappropriate for concrete foundations. There is also the added benefit of not having to wait around for any concrete to dry – load can be applied immediately after installation.

Screw Piles Are Low Cost

Without the need to excavate large areas of ground means reduced costs. Earthmoving equipment, labour and transport costs may be required for other foundation methods, but screw pile foundations can be installed by a small team of people with specialist tools.


Homes or building sites with access issues or where it may be difficult to get a digger can benefit from Screw Piles. They can be transported through the building and installed without the need for large areas to be cleared or heavy-duty equipment.

An Eco-Friendly Alternative

Pouring large amounts of concrete onto an area is going to damage wildlife, can cause soil erosion and pollute water supplies. The cement industry is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gases on the planet, with many harmful chemicals used during the manufacturing process.

A pile system is a much greener alternative as it requires only a fraction of the manufacturing, transport and installation costs and doesn’t contribute to the environmental problems that concrete does.

All Year Round

By avoiding some of the complications with using concrete, such as drying and cracking issues, laying the foundations of your project need not be constrained by the weather conditions.

Low Ground Vibration

Installation of Screw Piles does not require excessive hammering or drilling. The process uses specialist hand tools or torque motors to smoothly drive piles into the ground.

Below Ground: Experts In Screw Piling Foundation

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