5 of the Best Ways to Add Value to Your Home

If you want to enhance your home and boost your property’s value, you need to know the top five best ways to maximise the value of your current home.

Here are five of the best ways to add value to your home.

  1. Convert Your Garage

Lots of homes in England will have a garage, however, these garages are rarely used to their full potential.

If your garage has become a dumping ground for rusty bikes, old, unwanted items and general clutter, consider transforming it into a new and improved living space to boost the appeal of your home.

Adding another room to your home can make your home feel much bigger and more spacious. Whether it’s a gym, spare bedroom or a second living area, extending your home is a great way of increasing the value of your home.

  1. Add a Garden Office

As the number of people who work from home has drastically increased since the pandemic, more and more people are looking to add offices to their homes.

A garden office is a perfect place to study or work because it is separate from the house and can provide a bit more privacy and a lot less noise when working.

Garden offices have become a major selling point and can add value to your home. Use an expert piling contractor company who can help with your home office extension.

  1. Consider an Attic Conversion

Similar to garage extensions, an attic conversion can be a great way of extending your living space and adding value to your home.

Attics make for the cosiest bedrooms, away from all the noise and chaos of downstairs, and they are generally warmer too.

A loft conversion does not normally require planning consent, as it uses existing volume however, creating dormer windows may need planning permission if they face a highway (typically the front of a property) and so it is always worth checking with the planners.

  1. Invest in Solar Panels

With the ever-increasing cost of gas and electricity, more and more people are turning to renewable energy to power their homes.

Solar Panels are a great investment because they allow you to power your home cheaply without harming the environment.

  1. Decorating

Decorating is an easy way to boost the appearance of your home. While small changes might not directly affect the value of your home, not decorating properly can put off potential buyers and prevent it from selling at the optimum price.

These are some common defects that will put many buyers off, but can be easily resolved with a round of decorating:

  • Peeling paint
  • Squeaky or sticking doors and windows
  • Door latches that don’t work
  • Loose tiles
  • Sewer smells
  • Squeaky floors and stairs
  • Lifting flooring

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