5 Reasons to consider construction equipment hire


Published:  1st December 2017

The benefits of purchasing a shiny new piece of equipment can be appealing. Newly purchased machinery comes with the latest technology and fully functioning settings – but what about potential downfalls? New construction equipment can come with a heavy price tag alongside additional annoyances such as storage costs, maintenance and manoeuvring. Hiring this equipment is a great option, particularly for conducting short term projects.

Here, we give five reasons why you should consider hiring construction equipment:

1. Save on costs

Construction equipment can be particularly expensive if you’re seeking a specialist machine for the work you need to conduct. By hiring this machinery, you automatically cut out the cost of this equipment by only paying a fraction of the price you would for buying. Perfect for short or long term projects.

2. Time Saving

Hiring equipment saves you all important time you need during a project. Maintaining, managing and storing large construction machinery is often tricky. When you hire, all the hard work is done for you.

3. Cut out storage costs

Capital spent on hiring storage units to store heavy equipment can be costly. This money can be more wisely invested in other project costs.

4. No depreciation costs

When you purchase expensive machinery, you can expect it to last a good few years. However, if within this time you decide you want to resell the equipment, it’s worth bearing in mind the resale cost and whether or not you will make your money back. Machinery often depreciates in value – something that you won’t need to consider when hiring.

5. Project Specific Rentals

Each construction project is different and therefore requires select equipment. Rather than incurring costs of each piece of machinery, transferring them across the site and maintaining each one – by hiring, you eliminate any delays you could experience from this, as well as costs.

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