A Quick Guide to Pile Testing

Pile Testing, also referred to as a pile integrity test, is a low-strain, non-destructive, method of testing any form of concrete or timber pile for flaws or imperfections before building and causing damage to the area. It is often used to conduct integral examinations of existing piles, or as a method of assessing the suitability and safety of ground before new construction takes place.

At Below Ground, our team are experienced in a variety of pile testing techniques including pile integrity testing, static load testing and dynamic load pile testing.The utilisation of each method is largely dependent on the specific requirements of the test, and what is being tested exactly.

Pile Integrity Testing

This method of pile testing involves using techniques such as sonic echoing as a means of scanning piles for inconsistencies and weaknesses in their integrity. This method is crucial for identifying problems such as cracks, hollows and cross sectional changes.

Static Load Testing

Static load tests are designed to assess the static load bearing capacities of piles. In other words, they allow us to calculate how much stationary weight can be withstood in a specific location or by a certain pile.

Here at Below Ground, we are able to conduct a number of static load tests including maintained load, tension and constant rate of penetration tests.

Dynamic Load Pile Testing

Unlike static load tests, a dynamic load test is used to assess the bearing capability of piles whilst under varying levels of stress and tension from an external source such as a rig hammer.

During the test, acceleration and strain are recorded to determine whether or not the pile is structurally sound or not.

Using Trusted Piling Contractors

As experienced and reliable piling contractors, Below Ground are able to help with all of your pile testing needs. In addition to our efficient service, aach test conducted by our expert team is accompanied by a full report outlining the results of the testing.

If you require pile testing, or would like us to give you an obligation free quote, get in touch today via our contact page, or send an email to info@belowground.co.uk.