Are there problems with your foundations?

Building or renovating a house is one of life’s most pricey investments and one that you certainly won’t want to cut corners on. If you are renovating an old property, or simply rejuvenating your current home, you should look out for indicators that the foundations are problematic.

Read on to find out the top signs to be aware of.

Window and doors won’t close

If your property’s windows and doors are getting jammed or stuck, it could be an indication that the foundations are problematic.

When a foundation moves, it can cause a shift in walls, windows and doors which can make them more difficult to use smoothly. If you’re looking to purchase a new property, don’t overlook this issue when making a decision. It could be an indicator of something a lot more problematic than you might first assume.


Cracking, whether in the flooring or walls is never a good sign. Cracks can be an indication of a moving foundation which is affecting the structure of your property. The movement of your foundations can be due to a number of reasons including; shallow foundations, tree roots, leaking drains or high load-bearing foundations.

Cracks can appear both in the interior and exterior of a property. Check the walls, floors, ceilings and joints for them and if you spot even the smallest crack, you should keep an eye on it as they can develop over time.

Sloping Floors

If your property has sloping floors, it can be an indication that there is an issue with the foundations. Often, this is due to weak or poorly compacted soil which can move over time. Soils that are weak in bearing capacity, are poorly compacted or have too much moisture can cause movement and therefore shift your foundations.

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