Avoid these mistakes with your extension project

An extension project is one that many will undertake in order to gain much needed space, or to add value to a property.

There are many mistakes you can make during any project, but we’re here to discuss ones specific to an extension project and how they can be avoided!

1) Be realistic about timing

A great majority of projects take a longer time to complete than anticipated. Manage your expectations and speak to everyone working on the project to get a rough idea of timing for their work – that way you won’t be disappointed if it runs over schedule.

2) Be decisive

Changing your mind constantly can have a negative impact on your project. Most decisions have a knock on effect to other aspects of an extension. Making snap decisions could impact your project timeline and funds.

3) Keep track of spending

It can be easy to overspend with an extension project, especially if you’re fine tuning smaller details. Fixed quotes are always a great way to avoid overspending, so always ensure you can get one rather than an estimate. As a back up, it’s a good idea to have some funds set aside just in case you approach any difficulties or need to make essential changes.

4) Design aspects

Don’t forget to make your extension fitting to the property. Of course, modern extensions can look great on period properties – but it’s good to think about the flow of the design and whether or not the extension you choose could benefit future buyers should you choose to sell up one day.

5) Choose the right people for the job

The last thing you want is for your project to become delayed due to unreliable traders. The cheapest quotes aren’t always the most trusted.

Choosing the right people for the job is key to making sure you meet your expectations.

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