Building on Garden Plots

Published: 24th November 2017

In a recent project, we were contracted to construct a piled reinforced concrete slab for a new build two bedroom property which was being built on the site of an old garage at the rear of a property.

Many people find sourcing land in built up areas is a cheaper, more affordable solution to purchasing land. Garden plots are a great solution for utilising underused plots, whether at the front or rear of a property.

There are many advantages to building on garden plots. If it’s your own garden, you have the advantage of being familiar with the current area, have a place to store materials for building and can utilise existing services such as mains sewers. You also have the advantage of already owning the plot therefore avoid any expenses in buying land for new builds.

Every plot of land offers different possibilities with different benefits. Elements such as size, shape and planning policies can influence the design of a project and the possibilities available to it. Here are a few factors to consider when making the most of your building plot:

Natural Resources

Understanding the best place for sunlight is a crucial factor in the amount of light your building will receive. Neighbouring buildings or trees are also factors which can contribute to shade. Understand the direction in which the sunlight will rise and fall, and logically plan the positioning of rooms and windows around this. Similarly, if you’re building next to a property you already own, consider how this will affect the current building.

Maintaining Privacy

Particularly if you are building on garden space or in urban areas, complete privacy may be difficult to achieve. Consider which rooms require the most privacy and implement this into the design of the house.

Potential Access Issues

Building on land which shares access with other dwellings may be another issue to consider. It’s worth checking whether private access has been granted to a particular part of land, or whether the current access site will function for both buildings.

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