Can Home Foundations Be Repaired? A Guide To Underpinning

Whether you own a cottage in the countryside or a house in the city, maintaining its structural integrity is essential. Sure, most modern homes are well-built and sturdy but for older homes, unforeseen circumstances, weathering and improper construction can wreak havoc with foundations.

If you suspect that your building foundations need repair work, we recommend seeking professional advice as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are means through which building foundations can be repaired. In the following blog, we’ll take a quick look at a technique known as underpinning and its uses.

What Is Underpinning?

Let’s start with the basics. Underpinning is a technique used to strengthen existing building foundations that have been compromised due to subsidence, soil settlement, erosion or inadequate foundation design. Typically, this technique involves extending the foundation depth or adding new material under the existing foundation to increase its load-bearing capacity.

It is worth noting that there are various types of underpinning such as mass concrete underpinning, mini-piled underpinning, beam and base underpinning, and expanding resin injection underpinning. A foundation repair specialist will determine which method is most appropriate for the project at hand.

When Is Underpinning Needed?

With a better understanding of the technique itself, you may be wondering when underpinning is needed. In most cases, foundation underpinning is carried out when the existing foundation is no longer sufficient to support the weight of the building or when there is a noticeable shift in the foundation. Foundation underpinning is a complex process that requires extensive knowledge of structural engineering and design.

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