Concrete Foundation Repair And Other Property Maintenance Essentials

Whether you live in an older property with a fascinating vintage design, or modern contemporary premises converted from an older building, there are bound to be features from the past which don’t quite keep up with today’s construction standards. Maintaining these unwelcome elements is key to retaining the value of your property and reducing any mishaps related to these issues – which can become serious if left unattended. From unreliable insulation to cracked concrete foundations, let Below Ground guide you through the important factors.

Brickwork Presentation

One of the more common issues encountered within old builds is brickwork which appears shabby due to moisture penetration or gradual decline. Brickwork can be expected to crack with age, and though you may not mind this presentation within a timeless cottage property, or even favour this unique appearance, it can devalue your home. DIY spalling repairs can be tricky, but isn’t impossible if approached correctly.


Windows And Insulation Requirements

The insulation within an ageing property won’t always be up to scratch, be it from a lack of modern foam insulation within the loft, leaky windows or inadequate wall materials. Having someone assess your property for the quality of insulation is always a wise idea, as issues can easily be missed. Eco-friendly insulation methods are not only popular in the 21st century, but may even help you save on energy bills – so explore your options.


Concrete Building Foundation

An often-overlooked area of the home which requires maintenance for safety reasons is the concrete foundation of a property. You simply cannot take risks when it comes to your building’s foundation piling, which is why the assistance of an industry expert should be consulted. it may be necessary to underpin existing foundations in preparation for the addition of an extra storey to your property, or you may already be dealing with cracked or unstable foundations. In any case, all of the work that we carry out is in compliance with relevant building regulations and in accordance with the Institute of Civil Engineers Specification for Piling and Embedded Retaining Walls 2007.


Plumbing And Heating

Many older builds weren’t constructed with complex plumbing and heating systems in mind, therefore they may be inadequate for the utilities you desire. Assessing your requirements in accordance with the property layout should give you an indication of your options. A smaller single-storey property may not be as well-equipped as a detached family home to have extensive systems installed, so selecting appropriate utilities should be an important part of routine maintenance.

Among the leading piling companies locally and nationally, at Below Ground, we have years of experience working with a wide variety of foundation underpinning methods. This enables us to undertake strengthening and repair jobs on behalf of domestic customers and commercial clients throughout the United Kingdom. In some cases, declining foundations may even need to be repaired for the structural integrity of your property to remain – so contact us immediately if this is a concern.