Construction Trends for 2019

When we think of trends changing, we might think about the ever-changing fashion or technology trends that come and go season on season. In reality, everything is changing alongside them, including construction. Where some methods in construction become popular, others might fall off the radar depending on consumer needs.

So, what trends are shaping the construction industry in 2019 so far?

Read on to find out.


Drones are increasingly emerging in the news both for their uses in film and attempts for them to be used as delivery carriers. In construction, drones are set to grow in use with many companies using them to inspect hard to reach areas of a project and gather information through mapping, thermal heat imaging and volumetric analysis.

Technological advancements

Technology is constantly developing and automation is becoming more integrated into the construction industry. Rather than replacing human construction workers, we will continue to see technology work alongside industry workers. Technology advances will help to take the physical strain out of construction work and will aim to speed up mundane and time-consuming processes.

Green Construction

With constant reminders about the effects of human activity in regards to global warming and pollution, green construction is becoming a powerful field. The future will see a greater demand for green technology, energy and resource efficient builds and environmentally responsible building projects. The construction industry currently contributes to 20% of global emissions, therefore new building practices will gradually be integrated which will support, rather than harm the environment.


Sustainability is another aspect of construction that focuses on the broader goals of climate change.

Most of us are aware of the importance of creating more sustainable homes to help provide a better world for generations to come, and this will further be incorporated into building trends going forward. Sustainable construction projects will feature designs aimed to bring in more natural light into a building, or incorporating energy-saving facilities such as reusable drain water systems – all of which will aim to preserve the natural environment and maintain efficiency.

Modular Buildings

Prefabricated buildings aren’t a completely new trend, but they are something that we should be seeing more of in the future. Modular homes are those which are constructed off-site and so can be constructed a lot quicker than the average brick home. They can even be moved from location to location as their owners please. Particularly for millennials and young professionals, modular buildings are becoming increasingly more in demand for those commuting to inner-city areas.

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