Documents needed for piling

It’s necessary for all buildings to have adequate foundations when building a new project.

Foundations support heavy building structures, transferring load of weight from the building to layers of rock or soil beneath. Pile foundations are used to transfer weak areas into stronger, less compressible soil bed beneath through steel and reinforced materials.

Gathering documents is a necessary step in any construction project.

Here are six documents that are needed for piling:

  1. A geotechnical site investigation report– formed by engineers this is for information to be obtained on the properties of the soil and rock where the building will sit. Foundation soil is important to assess because it must be able to bear a great deal of weight on top of it. Various types of soil will be better at reacting to moisture, whereas clay based soils will expand and contract. Generally, topsoil will be taken away to find undisturbed, solid ground on which to build on.

  1. Drawings of foundations and layouts of piles – to assess where the foundations will sit and how the piles will be laid out in the area. Some sites will need to support greater weight- such as two storey buildings.
    It’s important in the case of drawings to take into account adjacent structures and to ensure that excavation will not affect other nearby foundations. Excavating alongside existing footing may need additional care to avoid undermining neighbouring structures.

  1. Calculations to show how each loaded pile has been calculated.
    The width of the foundation is controlled by the thickness of the wall and of the soils ability to bear weight. Calculations of piling loads are dependent on the weight needed to be supported. If the weight is great, the design in terms of its width and depth will be affected.

  1. Design of pile calculations– how the piles will lay, whether vertical, horizontal etc.
    This document helps everyone involved to understand the layout of the piling in order for work to be administered smoothly and without issues.

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