Five Impressive Pieces of UK Architecture

In the UK, we are by no means short of impressive architecture. From different cathedrals to University buildings, some of the buildings in the UK are amongst the world’s most impressive.

We have compiled a list of interesting pieces of architecture in the UK that you may have missed. From the building foundation to the type of brickwork, these buildings are breathtaking! In fact, some of these buildings might be on your doorstep without you knowing about it.

Conwy Castle

No architecture list is complete without talking about a historic castle. The Conwy Castle is a fortress that has been standing for over seven hundred years. Perhaps what is most interesting about this piece of architecture is the fact that this building was built by King Edward I and his architect Master James of St George in just four years. Four! This building has sure stood the test of time and is still one of the best medieval fortresses in Europe.

The Clyde Auditorium

The Clyde Auditorium is perhaps one of the lesser-known buildings on this list, but it certainly does not let itself down on appearance! Based in Glasgow, this concert venue is nicknamed ‘The Armadillo’, why? Well, because it looks like one! This is because the roof has an overlapping, shell-like structure which likens it to the mammal. This venue is the perfect environment to enjoy a concert or performance.

The Royal Pavilion

This building is particularly impressive because it pays homage to the buildings found in India. Built over 200 years ago, this building was used as a seaside palace for King George IV before it was used as a first World War hospital. Sharing similarities with the Taj Mahal, this brings a little bit of India to the seaside.

The Sage Centre

This concert venue is a modern piece of architecture, which can best be characterised by its curved steel roof. The building opened in 2004 after eight years of work. If you are in the North East, then it is difficult to miss this impressive building. The building’s peak beauty arrives at sunset, where the lights bounces from the water to the panes.

Montcalm East

Creating an optical illusion on any building is impressive, and the Montcalm East fits perfectly into this category. The peculiar angle of this building can make the building look lob-sided and leave passersby dazzled.

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