For many people, building their own home for their family is a lifelong dream. Many people are attracted to the idea of designing their own small piece of the world from scratch instead of purchasing a pre-existing property. While the thought of designing and building a house may seem somewhat overwhelming (and it’s not difficult to understand why), there are actually some huge advantages to building your own home:

Personal design

When you build your own home, you have the luxury of deciding exactly how you’d like it – right down to the small touches. From the size and location right through to the style and design, you can create your dream property that meets all of your needs. When you purchase a pre-existing property, there’s bound to be parts of it that you do not like; however, when you build a home from scratch, you can design it exactly how you’d like.

Better construction

Older properties often come with an array of different issues, from structural problems to damp and mould. Over time, these problems can cost you a lot of money and hassle. When you build a new home, you can ensure that only the best materials are used and oversee exactly how your property has been designed and constructed. This gives you a greater understanding of your home and ensures you can diagnose any issues as you go.

Design for the future

Today, houses are becoming more and more technologically advanced. Smart technology can make our lives easier; when you build a home from scratch, you can incorporate smart home technology into the design of your build. It can be more expensive to retrofit an old property with new technology; developing your home with these features built in can save you money.

You may also want to reduce the costs of energy bills and do your bit for the environment – when building a new property, you can make it eco-friendly. For example, building solar panels or micro wind turbines into the roof can help you generate your own power.

Live in peace

We’ve all been there: the tap won’t stop dripping in your old house, the drains are constantly clogging, damp is creeping down the walls or the heating keeps cutting out. When you build a new property, repairs and maintenance are minimal. There are usually extended warranties available on features such as roofing and exterior trims. As you’ve overseen the construction process yourself and monitored the materials used, you can rest assured your house will be easy to live in, hassle free and durable.

Whether you’re building a brand new home or just an extension, the team at Belowground Ltd can provide you with the domestic foundations you need. For more information, visit our website.