From Screw Piles To Soil Density: The Science Behind Foundations

While the world of construction has changed drastically over the years and in comparison to our first settlements, it is almost unrecognisable. Though fast forward a few thousand years and it is not actually as dissimilar as you might think from the times of the Roman Empire and Greek Empire. These civilizations pioneered this technology and now we use foundations in every large building we make and the technology has allowed construction to move on exponentially.

So, why do we need foundations, and how are they actually built? In this blog, we’ll explore these questions to give you a rundown of the science behind foundations.

Weak ground

There is no denying the fact that large buildings are extremely heavy. In fact, many of the world’s tallest buildings will weigh thousands of tons. So, it goes without saying really that there must be a pretty strong base to keep these heavy loads secure. While you may think that the earth is solid enough to handle these kinds of weights, you are, in fact, a touch wrong there. Many areas on the earth’s surface are in fact far weaker than people think, which means buildings can sink and become dangerous. Take the Leaning Tower of Pisa for example. This building was built upon weak ground and now it is famous for its unmistakable lean.

Buildings with greater potential

Today, in 2023, we are always striving to push boundaries and create things which we would have never been able to do. Of course, this logic also applies to the building industry and as our nation becomes more and more populated, we will need to continue to build innovative and groundbreaking buildings to accommodate these new people. With strong foundations, we will be able to build far higher than ever before, which will pave the way for some of the most impressive buildings the world has ever seen. Of course, this will mean that cities will have far more space while also accommodating more people.

Pile foundations

Pile foundations are one of the most popular forms of modern foundations and after a brief explanation, we are sure that you will understand why. Modern buildings are incredibly tall and as we have discussed, they are also incredibly heavy. Pile foundations drill a series of long reinforced concrete tubes into the ground so the building can rest upon these. This creates an incredibly strong base and one which can withstand some of the harshest forces the world can throw at it. For this reason, pile foundations are some of the most popular foundations found in the UK. So, who can provide you with high-quality foundations?

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