How can BelowGround help your next building project?

Beginning a building project can be a challenging experience, especially without the right support and expertise. Fortunately, we at BelowGround are experts in construction, specialising in piling and underpinning, and are committed to helping our loyal customers every step of the way.

With more than 25 years of industry experience, we don’t think a building project is finished until it’s been completed to the highest standard possible. For homeowners and commercial contractors alike, our team of experts have the dedication and the knowhow to support you from the initial planning stages to unveiling your latest design.

How can BelowGround help homeowners?

Whether you’re planning a house extension or building a brand new home, we know what it takes. Here’s how our comprehensive construction service can help you:

  • We offer a inclusive design service, meaning that we can complete the entire piling and underpinning process without our customers having to employ extra help.
  • We build entire piled foundation constructions to comply with up-to-date regulations and designs by our structural engineers, ensuring that your next building project exceeds your expectations.
  • We inspect and repair old or damaged foundations so you can rest assured that your building project meets the necessary safety standards.

How can BelowGround help commercial contractors?

Our high level of expertise and broad range of skills means that we’re able to deliver the best quality piling and underpinning work no matter what conditions we’re faced with. Our team use modern piling rigs to erect and strengthen foundations for our happy customers, taking necessary steps to comply with building regulations and achieve structural integrity.

The first step is for our team of experts to visit the proposed building site to assess which piling method should be used for your project. They’ll even give you a free estimate on the materials required so you’ll be up-to-date from the very beginning. We can also provide further services after the building works have been completed, such as installing reinforced ground beams, to take your project from start to finish.

How can BelowGround help you? Find out here and contact us for a free, no obligation quote today.