How can the construction industry improve its sustainability?

Waste reduction and sustainability have been common global topics over the last decade to help reduce environmental impact.

While consumers aim for a more sustainable lifestyle, the construction industry should embrace a more environmentally conscious stance in order to keep up with modern-day views.

But is the construction industry embracing sustainability as much as it should?

Reports from 2018 found that many construction businesses valued sustainability and were taking steps to become more sustainable.

The construction industry hasn’t historically been known for its eco-friendly initiatives and there is certainly a long way to go to make it completely sustainable.

While much of the world now recognises the urgency to cut waste, new technologies, materials and methods can be created to make the industry more sustainable.

Here are some of the ways sustainability can be achieved in the construction sector:

Calculations count

When calculations and specifications are drawn up accurately, it leaves a lot less room for error.

Prefabrication, for example, is one of the sustainable methods of building because it requires a lot less energy than usual methods. Prefabricated houses allow less room for mistakes because they follow specifications.


Not all structures need demolishing, and while many city structures might be outdated, demolishing them might create more problems, not to mention more waste.

If the foundations of a building are solid, the building should be easily renovated – saving money, energy and waste.

Greywater usage

Water is frequently used in the construction industry. It’s possible to recycle greywater after treatment and repurpose it for uses that don’t require drinking-quality clean water. By doing so, the demand for clean water reduces and the volume of water discharged from sewers also lessens. Clean water is then saved for residential and commercial buildings.

There are certainly a lot of ways in which the construction industry could be more sustainable. From embracing new, energy-efficient technologies to adopting more eco-friendly materials. While it is clear that the construction industry has a long way to go to achieve complete sustainability, there is an increase in the evidence that many businesses are taking steps towards a more environmentally friendly future.