How to build your own house – Step by step guide

Although self-building a house can take months or even years of preparation, planning and building, self-building can be an affordable way for you to get your dream house.

Here, we give a step by step guide for building your own house.

Step 1 – Budget Planning

Ensuring you effectively plan your project budget is crucial in the early stages of your self-build. Taking time to research likely costs of architects, builders, materials and fittings and will prevent extensive overspending. It’s also worth setting a contingency budget to help fund any unexpected issues that might occur.

Step 2- Find the Perfect Location

It’s always worth doing some investigating before purchasing a plot. Always bear in mind neighbours, school catchment areas, distance to work, public transport and of course your budget. Contact your local council to see if their are suitable plots for what you’re looking for.

You should make a checklist of things to look out for when choosing the land such as; rail lines, size of the plot, views, neighbouring homes and planned nearby developments.

Step 3 – Planning Permission & Purchasing

Without planning permission you cannot legally begin any construction work. Always check planning permission regulations and don’t buy the plot of land until the suitable development permissions have been approved.

Before you put in an offer, research the value of properties in the surrounding area to help you to establish if your self-build is likely to make you money should you choose to move on in the future.

Step 4 – Building Planning

Find reliable professionals who can convey your ideas into tangible plans. Choosing the right architect for the job is crucial at this stage. Ask for examples of their work, testimonials and case studies to get an idea of their previous projects and whether they will have a similar vision to you.

Good quality tradesman will ensure your property is finished to the highest standard and within a realistic timeframe.

Step 5 – Start the build

Once you’ve gathered the right team, construction can begin. Dedicating time to planning the finer details that will make this house your home will make your project even more satisfying.

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