How To Tell if Your Foundations Are In Need Of Repair

Your home should provide sanctuary from the turmoil of 21st century life, where this domestic refuge becomes a place to eat, sleep, enjoy leisure time and socialise with friends and family. As such, it can be distressing when your property falls into disrepair, which is why it’s important to understand the warning signs that something has gone awry.

It is easy to forget about your property’s foundations, where these important supportive structures are a major part of any building. Read on for a guide to key signs that your foundations are in need of repairs or reinforcements.

Sinking Ground

If the ground beneath and around your home appears to be sinking, then this can cause structural damage to your foundations, putting your property at risk. Also known as subsidence, this can be caused by the shrinking of the ground during dry spells, where this should be corrected to avoid serious damage to your home.

Exterior & Interior Wall Cracks

Large cracks in your exterior walls in the pattern of a zigzag could be a sign that your foundations need reinforcing. This can also be observed inside the house, where diagonal interior cracks, as well as ceiling cracks, could indicate a foundational issue.

Bouncing Floors

If your floorboards are beginning to sag or bounce, then this could mean your foundations are in need of repair or that structural beams have started to rot. For concrete floors and basement spaces, this can manifest in the form of cracking.

Below Ground: Providing Essential Home Foundation Repairs & Reinforcements

At Below Ground, we’re fully equipped to deal with a range of domestic foundation issues, where we can deliver high quality concrete foundation repair and underpinning services. In addition to this we also offer pile foundation design for both commercial and residential properties. Contact us directly today to find out more about how we can help.