Pros and cons of a self-build property

Ever dreamed of building your own property?

The prospect of designing and building a custom made property now accounts for around 7-10% of the UK housing sector.

There are many rewards and risks that come with building a self-build property – so what are they? In this blog, we give you the pros and cons of building your own home.


Tailored to you

Self-build properties allow the homeowner complete control over the design, materials and features of their home. Unlike when you purchase a property, a self-build allows you to tailor your property to your needs. Whether that means implementing a wheelchair friendly ground floor, or energy-efficient features to allow you to save money in the long term.

Avoid compromise

Alongside the freedom you have with the design and materials of a property, comes the ability to avoid compromising on things you would if you bought an already built property.

When you decide to go down the self-build route, you purchase land on a plot that suits your needs. Whether that’s in a rural location or near the sound of the sea.


The cost of your self-build can match your budget. Whilst some might assume that building a self-build property is costly, it is possible to plan your self-build around your savings. Whether that means roping in friends to help you with aspects of a build or buying cheaper materials.


Managing your own project

As great as managing your own build may sound, it can become stressful if you’re doing it around a full-time job. Self-build projects can often take months and sometimes years to complete and requires a lot of patience, particularly if you are living in temporary accommodation or living with family.


Managing your own project leaves you open to a number of different risks. Unexpected costs and unforeseen building issues are just some of the problems that can occur when managing a project yourself.

Another risk of building your own property is building it to your own taste. Whilst it might seem like a great idea to tailor the property to your needs or desires, it might not work for a potential future buyer. If you ever decide to sell up, be sure that your home can meet the needs of others, too.

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