Signs It’s Time to Repair Your Property’s Foundations

Foundations are one of the most important structural features of any property; they help to keep buildings stable and secure and prevent the walls and flooring of properties from separating over time. With this in mind, it’s imperative for property owners to keep an eye on the foundations of their building and act quickly if problems arise.

As your property’s foundations are underground, it can be difficult to spot problems without professional help. However, there are some telltale signs to look out for, including:

Cracks in the walls and ceilings

If you have spotted cracks developing throughout your property, it may be that your foundations have shifted. When your foundations shift or sink, either as a result of poor weather, earthquakes, tree roots or for any other reason, you are particularly likely to spot cracks in your walls, above your property’s door frames and across your ceilings. These cracks could be cosmetic damage, in which case you may not need your foundations repaired, but it’s imperative to check.

Cracks in the floor

Additionally, spotting cracks in the floor of your property could be a sign that your foundations need immediate repair. Cracks in the floor can develop as a result of soil settlement, which can put undue pressure on your property’s foundations. If these aren’t sturdy enough to hold up against the movement of the soil, the building could be at risk of caving in. It’s especially important to have floor cracks inspected if they’ve also started developing in the property’s walls.

Improperly fitting doors and windows

Have you noticed that your doors and windows no longer fit properly? This may be as a result of foundation settlement. Whether the soil beneath your property is moving or your current foundations are crumbling, settling can cause your door and window frames to move. If this is the case, the frames may become misaligned or may start to pull away from the wall; either way, you need to call a foundations specialist immediately to inspect the problem at hand.

If you’ve spotted any of these issues in your property, it’s important to call a foundation expert to conduct an inspection. The consequences of leaving damaged foundations unchecked could be huge, so get in touch with us at Belowground today. With offices in London, Bristol and Exeter, we’re the go-to foundation and piling experts in the South West.