The benefits of screw pile foundations

Screw pile foundations are what the name suggests: steel pile shafts screwed into the ground.

Screw pile foundations were first used to support the structures of lighthouses using cast iron in the 1850s to 1890s and did not have huge load-bearing capacities. Nowadays, screw piles are made using steel shafts and have much larger load-bearing capacities. They are used extensively in the construction industry and are regularly the go-to foundation solution for buildings which structures are situated close to others.

Here are some of the benefits of screw pile foundations:


Screw piles can be very easily installed and don’t require many workers or machinery to install them which reduces the overall cost of the foundation.

Environmentally friendly

Screw pile foundations require less soil displacement than other forms of foundations, so there is no need for soil to be removed or transported from a site. This means that screw pile foundations create less a smaller carbon footprint because transportation is not required.

Easy to install and remove

Screw piles are easier to install because they can be drilled into the ground. In the same way that a screw would be drilled into wood. Screw piles are effectively screwed into the ground. The process is highly efficient and clean. It also causes minimal disruption and noise, which makes screw pile foundations a popular choice.

Installing screw piles requires the use of powerful hydraulic motors. The load of the weight on top of the foundation is dispersed on the helix-shaped screw.

If for any reason the piles need to be removed in the future – perhaps in the case that the building is deteriorating – the piles can be removed more easily than other foundations.

Can be placed adjacent to other structures

Screw pile foundations can be placed in close proximity to adjacent structures, which makes them ideal for developers looking to build upon land which is amongst other buildings.

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