The Secrets Behind Some Of The World’s Strongest Buildings

There is no question that in the 21st century, we have built some incredibly strong structures. Naturally, we have the industrial revolution to thank for most of the improvements to our technology. Though, there are a few secrets behind effective building design that have helped us to create not only strong buildings but earthquake-proof homes. Perhaps to your surprise, these advancements in technology and building processes often go a touch under the radar, especially to the outside world. In this blog, we are going to expose a few of those secrets and dive into the world of super-strong structures. Keep reading to find out more!

Vibrational Control Devices

One of the biggest risks, when an earthquake or other large force hits the area around a building, is vibrational force. As you will most likely already know, buildings are designed to withstand the force of gravity, which is a directional force from above pushing things to the ground. Though when an outside force hits, they usually come from a myriad of different directions and this vibrates the building. With Vibrational Control Devices, you can mitigate this vibration and keep your building safe and secure. They work by placing a damper onto a wall which uses pistons to relieve some of the vibrations from the outside world.

Pendulum Power

As we humans have progressed, we have continued to build higher and higher to save space and partly to prove that we can. Though there is one major issue that comes when we build tall buildings. If an earthquake or other outside factor makes the ground below move, then the building can begin to sway. This is, of course, extremely damaging to the building and can make it collapse if the movement below is strong enough. So, this is where Pendulum Power comes in. The Pendulum works to steady the building by moving in the opposite direction of the building’s swing.

Pile foundations

These foundations are, in fact, the starting point for almost any building in an earthquake-prone area or any building that has to be particularly strong. The large piles are drilled into the ground below, which makes the structure incredibly strong. The base foundation is then attached to these piles. This form of foundation building is also incredibly useful for structures that need to be built on partially weak ground. So, certainly, if you need to build any structures that need to withstand a large degree of force, then you should use pile foundations.

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