The Top Three Most Popular House Foundations To Know About

The role of home foundations is essential to the structure of your property. Having a proper foundation is crucial to keep your building secure and durable. The weight of your domestic build needs to be stable on the foundations, be able to withstand the test of time and also keep it standing straight. Keep reading to find out about the three most popular home foundations.

Concrete Slab Foundation

This is one of the more common foundations found under domestic properties. It requires the least amount of preparation for contractors to start building and the installation process is nice and simple in comparison to other foundation types.

Their simplistic design and installation makes them extremely common in the majority of new homes. Additionally, because they are more solid, concrete foundations are far less susceptible to mould and pests in comparison to other domestic foundation types.

Basement Foundation

Basement foundations are relatively common too. When homeowners want a bit of extra storage and square footage, a full basement can be dug out, with approximately an 8ft basement dug in the ground. They can be insulated, for temperature control purposes and they are ideal for those who want to expand their homes downwards rather than upwards or outwards.

They can be quite expensive overall, but a major benefit is the long term investment. A basement can add significant square footage to your home, and increase the value of the property if you ever decide to sell.

Crawl Space Foundation

Crawl space foundations typically raise a house about 2 to 3 feet from the ground and support the property on short columns. Usually a barrier is placed over the soil underneath, to prevent issues like mould. You might find these foundations under bungalows and cottages.

If you are looking for more storage space or easy utility access, then a crawl space foundation can be perfect for you. Crawl spaces are also good if you are conscious of your energy efficiency. Insulating your crawl space can help you to save money long term too, with better energy efficiency that helps your systems to run for longer and more smoothly.

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