Three Common Problems With DIY Foundations and Underpinning

Many homeowners love DIY. Often, DIY jobs can be cheaper than paying for a professional service – but unfortunately, there are some things that should simply be left to the professionals, and this includes foundations and underpinning.

Attempting to lay your own foundation can lead to huge problems and put the structural integrity of your building at risk – something that can be extremely dangerous. If the foundation of your property isn’t up to scratch, you could be putting yourself and your property at great risk.

Below, we take a look at some of the most common problems with DIY foundations and underpinning and why you should always leave it up to the professionals.

Cracks in the walls

Cracks in the walls is one of the most common signs of a poor foundation. Large cracks are often a sign that your property’s foundation cannot hold the weight of the structure. To prevent large cracks from appearing in your walls (which is also a sign that you need foundation repairs immediately!), always leave it to the professionals.

Sinking and settling

Another way to spot a poorly laid foundation is to look at how it settles. The foundation needs to be properly adapted to the soil underneath in order to remain safe and sturdy – if the foundation is laid on soil that isn’t dense enough or without sufficient anchoring, you’ll notice huge problems such as sinking. A foundation that starts to sink will eventually collapse, which is why it’s absolutely crucial that professional soil surveys are carried out and your foundations are designed by an experienced company.

Uneven foundations

It’s important that a foundation is completely straight before anything is built on it. This may be obvious, but making sure a foundation is straight can be very difficult for those who aren’t professionals. Tree roots can cause bumps in your structure’s foundation, leading to all sorts of problems and causing your foundation to sink and rise in certain areas.

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