Understanding Sheet Piling: What Is It & How Is It Used?

Modern construction methods are designed to harness the usefulness of different sites without compromising on safety and stability. Foundations, retaining walls and support beams all contribute to a sturdy structure, even when ground conditions are otherwise difficult.

Sheet piles are one such invention, where they can be installed as a way of making buildings and soil reserves structurally sound. These are typically made of concrete sheets with interlocking edges that come together to form a sturdy barrier or wall. This clever design means that sheet piles can be used for the creation of retaining walls or as a way of holding back flood water.

Read on for an insight into some of the most common ways that sheet piling can be used in the construction industry.


Sheet pile foundations may be used on sites that are particularly waterlogged or where the soil reserves are very unstable. They can provide a sturdy barrier to help prevent shifting ground conditions, where they may be used in conjunction with other foundation types. Sheet piling is also useful for basement construction in order to create steadfast retaining walls.

Marine Projects

Sheet piling is commonly used in the marine industry, where these sturdy retaining walls can be installed to protect against coastal erosion. They may be fitted as part of the creation of docks, piers and harbours, as well as to support bulkheads and berthing structures in busy shipping ports.


Bridges are another key architectural feature that are often built with the help of sheet piling. These sheets can come together to help secure arch supports, or to form retaining walls. This kind of structure is particularly useful if a bridge stretches across an area of unstable ground.

Flood Defences

Sheet piling is also a popular choice when it comes to flood defences. The interlocking sheets can form effective flood barriers for low lying areas, as well as steel sea walls for coastal locations that are vulnerable to storm surges. These defences are designed to endure over time, making for a cost effective investment.

Below Ground: Professional Sheet Piling Contractors

At Below Ground, we can design and implement premium sheet pile installations, whether you require a sturdy retaining wall or reliable flood defences. Beyond this, we can also install ground beams, screw piles and underpinning, all according to the needs of your site. Simply get in touch with us today to find out more about our piling construction services.