What Different Types Of Foundations Are There?

Foundations are essential for any proper building as they provide support by transferring their weight to the ground. Foundations can be divided into two separate categories: deep foundations and shallow foundations.

Deep foundations –  These are required when the bearing capacity is not enough to support the building.

Shallow foundations – These are required when the weight of the building is low relative to the bearing capacity of the ground soil. 

There are a number of different factors that are taken into account when choosing which type of foundation to use when building a structure:

  • Ground conditions
  • Water at site
  • Site accessibility
  • Sensitivity of construction material to vibrations or sound
  • Material durability
  • The load exerted on the pile
  • Project cost
  • Proximity of site to other sites
  • Accessibility of site.

There is a large range of different foundations available. Some will need to be specially made depending upon the type of home that you are planning to construct. However, the four main types are listed below:

Piled Foundations

Piled foundations are when piles are forced into the earth and filled with concrete for stability. The foundation is then topped with a ground beam. The primary advantage of piled foundations is that its costs can be forecasted accurately. 

Raft Foundations

A raft foundation consists of a concrete slab strengthened by steel reinforcement that is designed to stay on top of the ground below the construction. They are usually used for domestic housing and are considered sturdy and stable.

Strip Foundations

This type of foundation consists of a trench that is dug with solid concrete poured inside. Blockwork is built up to ground level.

Trench Fill Foundations

A trench fill foundation is very similar to a strip fill one except that the trench is constructed with already mixed concrete built to nearly ground level. This type of foundation is a cost-effective method as it requires less man-hours to construct than alternative ways.

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What Different Types Of Foundations Are There?