What Is Piling? A Simple Guide To Piling Contractors

If you are thinking of making developments to your home or a property, then hiring a piling company might be a wise decision. Keep reading to find our simple guide to piling contractors and who might need them!

What Is Piling?

Piling is the process in which structural piles or pile foundations are put into the ground to reinforce the base of a building.

They are a cost effective way to strengthen the base of a building and to improve the life expectancy of different construction projects. Piling and mini piling can be carried out on structures to help keep them strong.

What Are Piling Structures Made From?

Pile foundations are made from a range of materials such as:

  • Metal
  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Steel

Because they are made to support heavy structures, pile foundations are carefully designed. They are driven into the ground by hammering and there are two main ways that pile foundations are used.

Replacement Piling

Replacement piling is a method where the pile foundations are driven into holes in the ground to replace the existing earth that is underneath a structure.

Displacement Piling

Displacement piling is where the pile foundations are pre-formed and driven into the ground to displace the earth that was there beforehand.

What Kinds Of Buildings Might Need Piling?

Piling is usually required for structures that are particularly heavy or large. And, if soil is underlying a particular building, piling can be a wise reinforcement to make.

If you are building or living in an area with a lot of soil that is weak or oversaturated with water, piling reinforcements is a good idea.

Below Ground

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