What Is Sheet Piling Used For? A Quick Guide

The world of construction is one of complexity, variation and, of course, hard work. That said, understanding which methods are most suitable for a certain project is one of the most important skills in the trade. For project managers, deciding the best course of action requires experience and in-depth knowledge.

With the above in mind, knowing which method of piling to use for a project’s foundations is absolutely essential. In the following blog, we’ll discuss the basics of sheet piling, shedding a little light on the technique and outlining the circumstances in which it is most appropriate.

Without further ado, let’s begin our whistlestop tour of sheet piling.

What Is Sheet Piling?

As the name suggests, sheet piling involves the use of thin, angular sheets of material with interlocking edges, designed to create a durable and often water-resistant wall or barrier. While steel is the most common material used in their construction, wood, precast reinforced concrete, and certain plastics can also be utilised. Steel sheet piles can be made from sustainable recycled metals and coated with anti-corrosive materials if needed.

When Is Sheet Piling Used?

As we mentioned above, sheet piling is an incredibly versatile technique and can be utilised across a range of projects. Most commonly, sheet piling is used to establish a durable foundation and retaining walls when working with poured concrete.

Often, this method of piling is used during the construction of underground car parks and basements. Moreover, sheet piling is frequently employed in marine settings, particularly in harbour wall reinforcement projects. That said, sheet piling is by no means limited to this field and can be seen in various applications such as retaining walls along riverbanks or canals, bridge repairs, and construction projects.

Below Ground: Sheet Piling Contractors

Thanks to sheet pile’s versatility and durability, it offers a reliable solution to many foundation requirements. If you’re on the hunt for high-quality sheet piling contractors in the south of England or Wales, look no further than Below Ground.

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