What To Consider When Getting An Extension

Whether it’s a conservatory or an additional room, extensions are a very popular option to expand your home, increasing its market value and supplying you with a new space to utilise.

However it shouldn’t be a project you start without putting in some serious thought, so here is what to consider when getting an extension built.


While you may think you can build whatever you want on your property, there may be regulations that you need to consider. Planning permission is not needed in some cases, however, if you want to build certain heights or widths, you may need to apply to be allowed to go through with your extension

Reliable Builders

Think carefully before you commit to a specific builder for your project. Make sure you browse a selection of contractors, taking note of their prices, reviews and previous projects. Ask your friends and family members for recommendations, or even contact past clients to see about their experience working with a builder.


An extension is a pricey addition, so you should take careful consideration into the price of everything. This includes labour, permits, materials and any other costs that may factor in. The last thing you want is to run out of money halfway through, so make sure you can afford to see the project through to the end.

A Solid Foundation

When planning an extension, you need to think carefully about preparing the ground you’re building on. A solid foundation is essential to any building project, as without it the building could shift, damaging it or even causing a collapse.

Foundation piling can help ensure your project has the structural integrity it needs.

Foundation Contractors

If you’re planning an extension and need a solid foundation, get in touch with the team at Below Ground. We offer specialist piling and underpinning to clients in Bristol, London and across the country, working to supply tailored solutions that fit your unique requirements.

We work with both domestic and commercial customers, so email today at info@belowground.co.uk to see how we can help you.