What to Expect if You Don’t Have your Foundations Repaired

With foundations, you should never neglect to repair it as it can cause a lot of issues. If it becomes apparent that you are experiencing issues with the foundation, then it might be time for a foundation repair.

Here are just some of the ways in which a damaged foundation can impact your living space:

Settle and Sink

Depending on the severity of the damage, the foundation can start to move and sink. This can then lead to floors in the home becoming uneven, doors not closing properly and cracks appearing in your walls. One telltale sign of this could be noticing that your floors are not the same level as the door frame. If this is apparent, then you might need concrete foundation repair.

Mould & Moisture Problems

Ignoring home foundation repair can mean that mould and mildew causes the wooden members to deteriorate. A way of determining whether there is moisture is by checking the foundation for cracks. In fact, this mould can also pose a serious threat to whoever is living in the house too. This is because mould is extremely toxic so it should be a considered serious health risk to those with asthma or respiratory issues.

Increasing Repair Costs

Similar to most damaged goods, the repair cost will increase as the condition becomes worse. If you leave the foundation and neglect a repair, then the cost of repair will impact you more in the long term. However, if you deal with a foundation immediately then the remediation costs can be much lower.

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