How to Choose the Best Piling Contractor

When building a large structure, you need to have an incredibly solid foundation. That’s what pilings are for. By setting up deep foundations with columned support, piling contractors make it possible to build everything from supermarkets and apartment complexes to storied shopping plazas and even office towers.

Belowground Ltd specialises in deep foundation. This is the foundation structure that makes the built world possible in the 21st century. But if you are currently in the process of developing and building a large structure, determining which piling contractor is best-equipped to handle your project can be overwhelming, to say the least.

This is a highly specialised trade, and it would be impossible for a non-specialist to know precisely where to turn. With that in mind, we’re going to offer you some tips on how to choose the best piling contractor:

  1. Experience matters.
    Given the level of specialisation involved with laying deep foundation, experience is a critical consideration. Look around for a contractor in your area who has the track record to back up their claims. Pay special attention to previous projects they have completed to see if they are comparable to yours in scope and size.
  2. You want a contractor with the right equipment.  
    Some companies hire the equipment when they need it. Others maintain an inventory of machinery. The latter will generally be more affordable. But regardless, it’s absolutely essential that they have access to the tools needed for the job.
  3. The piling contractor should be registered.
    Every jurisdiction has its own regulatory requirements. So look into what those regulations are and ensure that the contractor you’re dealing with satisfies those requirements. We’re accredited by the British Drilling Association, which means we have the technical know-how and expertise needed to drive piles.
  4. The contractor should offer a guarantee.
    Driving piles and setting up deep foundation is serious work that has to be carried out correctly the first time. Lives and an enormous investment are at stake, after all. We offer all of our clients with a 12-year guarantee that is backed by comprehensive insurance cover. This allows us to build the best foundations at a seriously competitive price point.
  5. You can (and should) ask for referrals.
    When you are dealing with a project as important as this, it’s always a good idea to look for reviews or testimonials. If you can’t find any on the Internet, you should always feel free to contact the contractor directly for a list of referrals. They can point you towards previous clients of theirs so that you can see the work first-hand and ask for a candid review.

Pile driving is heavy-duty work that requires a great deal of expertise. It’s normal to have questions before you launch into a project like this. If you would like to learn more about our services, have a look at our frequently asked questions. And please don’t hesitate to contact us directly should you have any specific enquiries or concerns.