What You Can Expect From Our Pile Foundation Design Process

Pile foundations are especially designed to make unstable site conditions viable for building work, where these long concrete pillars are inserted into the ground in order to spread the weight of a structure through a deeper, more stable layer of soil. This is a vital form of structural support that allows for the construction of tall buildings to continue in a safe and secure manner.

The design of pile foundations requires a professional opinion, where this is a highly technical process with a very small margin for error. A foundation engineer will be able to perform the appropriate calculations necessary to draw up detailed structural plans for your site, in order to ensure that your project can proceed legitimately. Read on to find out more about our pile design process.

Site Survey

The first step in the pile design process is to arrange a site survey with one of our expert engineers. They will pay a personal visit to your construction site in order to assess the ground conditions that you’re dealing with and to take a look at your current building plans. This provides a basis for future calculations and recommendations.

Soil Analysis

In order for the pile design process to proceed, it is essential that the engineers involved have a good understanding of the soil conditions that they’re dealing with. An in depth analysis will be undertaken to reveal the soil type, its water contents, and its weight bearing potential, all of which will contribute to later design decisions.


The calculation stage is an essential part of pile design. This mathematical process allows for precise and workable foundation plans to be drawn up, where it is essential that these are calculated correctly to ensure the future stability of the building. Once these calculations are complete, your engineering team can complete their plans for your site.


Once the site has been surveyed and detailed calculations have been made, the engineering team will then offer their recommendations for your build. This could include advice about pile installations and underpinning, as well as a complete design walk-through of potential solutions for your site.

Below Ground: Pile Foundation Design For Your Project

At Below Ground, we offer a comprehensive pile design service delivered by our expert structural engineers. Our team has an in-depth understanding of soil conditions and site requirements for builds of all sizes, where we always undertake all of our calculations in house. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our piling construction and design solutions.