What’s Piling, Anyway?

Piling is the process of inserting structural piles into the ground, to create a foundation that provides greater balance and strength to a structure. Buried deep into the soil, the piles transfer the load weight to the solid ground below, offering healthier stability. Cost-effective and proven to enhance the life expectancy of a structure considerably, piling is a vital component of any construction job.

How It Works

Using an Auger attachment fitted to an ordinary drilling rig, the ground below will be pre-drilled in preparation for pile driving. Once the earth has been drilled deep enough, your structural piles will be buried deep into the earth via heavy machinery.

Now secured below ground, you have the foundations required to begin your construction build. Note the piling process can’t begin until other important factors have been taken into consideration, including the condition of the soil. After all, wet soil won’t provide a solid foundation for your piling, so you would have to wait for the next dry spell.

The Materials

There are different materials that can be used in the piling process. For instance, many people use wood, but steel or concrete are often considered the standard for piling materials. Due to the foundations of any building needing to be exceptionally sturdy, with the underground structural base supporting large buildings of various sizes, choosing the right material is key.

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