What’s The Point Of Foundations?

Whether you’re staring up at a 70-story skyscraper or admiring a cottage in the countryside, they’ll both need one thing in common, good concrete foundations. Buildings experience a significant amount of wear and tear from the elements and if built poorly, will fail to stand the test of time.

You may not be a construction worker or architect, but there’s still a high chance you’ll have a rough idea of what foundations are. However, while most people are aware that foundations sit below a building, many of their uses remain elusive to the masses.

Fear not, here is our quick guide to a few of the main functions of foundations.

Total Structural Support

Perhaps the most obvious function of building foundations is the support of the building above. Most people know that foundations are the first part of a building to be constructed. Good foundations are absolutely essential for the support of the walls and stories built above.

If a building has poorly built foundations, it will undoubtedly lead to costly repairs and numerous serious problems at a later date, such as subsidence or even collapse. In these circumstances, professional underpinning may be required to reinforce the faulty foundations.

Prevents Compounding Defects

Moreover, foundations are crucial when preventing what are known as ‘compounding defects’ within construction. In other words, foundations provide a level surface which allows many levels and complex architectural structures to be built above.

If foundations are not built evenly, compounding defects occur, causing the building to become increasingly uneven as the construction project continues.

Distribution Of Weight

Finally, proper;y built foundations are responsible for the correct distribution of weight regarding the building and the ground below. As buildings are rarely entirely symmetrical, foundations ensure that the weight of the structure is shared evenly to avoid placing too much weight on subsurface soil.

Below Ground: Concrete Foundation Installers

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