Why A Solid Foundation Is So Important

When constructing a home, you’ll probably hear a lot of talk about what the most important part of the building is. Some will say the roof, as it protects you from the elements or the doors and windows for security purposes. But one that is often overlooked is the foundation.

Here is why a solid foundation is so important in construction.


A foundation essentially holds your house up. Without it, the weight of your home would cause it to sink into the ground unevenly, which would lead to cracks and damage to the property. Natural forces are constantly fluctuating, such as temperature, soil moisture levels and tectonic plates. A foundation keeps your home anchored, meaning it won’t be affected by any natural forces.


A solid foundation is actually a great insulator, keeping your home warm. Heat will not easily escape through the foundation, keeping the property heated for longer and also saving you money on any heating bills. Even if your foundation wasn’t installed with insulation, it can be easily added to help energy-proof your home.


Moisture & Bugs

It will also keep moisture out, which can very rapidly affect the structure of your home through soil that is saturated with water. The soil will expand and shift, putting pressure on your foundation but a solid foundation will be resistant to this. A good foundation keeps insects away from your home, especially those that live in the soil and would be able to easily damage your home.

Home Foundations From Below Ground

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